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Wall patterned roller

If you are looking for an alternative approach to wall paper then look no further! I recently discovered a company called The Painted House who stock rollers with a range of beautiful patterns to choose from. All you need for this project is the roller applicator (handle and sponge roller which soaks up the paint) and a patterned roller of your choice. Patterned rollers range from £15-£20 dependant on design and the applicator costs £12.

I used pattern No.1 for my wall but there are various other great patterns to choose from too. Simply click here to visit Etsy to purchase yours. There are helpful instructions and videos to watch on their website which I would definitely recommend watching before starting your project.

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The process is pretty straight forward, simply practice on bits of paper until you are happy then be brave and tackle the wall! The best bit is if you do happen to go wrong you could always paint over and start again. If there is one tip I would pass on to you it would be to make sure you have the patterned roller the right way up before starting a new strip on the wall. I managed to make that mistake on one of my strips! I persevered as once the whole pattern was complete you really couldn’t tell.

Duck egg is the main colour running throughout the room so I kept with this theme for the feature wall. I wanted the pattern to appear delicate and faint so I used a light duck egg paint and white paint for the pattern overlay. If you would like your design to stand out and be a more prominent feature in the room simply choose a darker background colour (or vise versa). You will love the overall effect so much more by being part of the process rather than simply picking a wall paper. I have even had the chance to use the roller on other projects such as gift-wrapping. Other uses include fabrics and furniture.

  • Patterned roller of your choice
  • Wall applicator
  • Paint of your choice
  • Scraps of paper (for practicing)
  • Kitchen roll
    (useful for cleaning excess paint that can build up on the patterned roller)


Take it even further:
If you are feeling really ambitious and creative you could even create your very own roller. There are plenty of tutorials out there for hand carved stamps. The same process would apply for a roller. You would simply carve out the design onto lino and then wrap I around a roller. This would make your wall really unique.

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