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Teacup candle

I, like many others, am a big fan of having candles everywhere. In fact, we have a whole cabinet filled with them. These teacup candles would make a great gift. Added bonus – they are cheap & easy to make!

I used two tutorials for guidance when making my candle. This was my first attempt at the candle so I decided to keep it simple. Next time I might play around with using coloured candles and adding scents. It is fairly easy to make candles from scratch however to keep the costs down I decided use half-used candles that I found around the house, including the remnants of old tea light candles. This is a great way to use up the candles that can no longer be lit due to a burnt/broken wicks.

Usually for melting candles a double boiler is used. To save on money I used an alternative approach which worked perfectly. I simply put my candles (chopping them into smaller parts speeds up the melting time) in a clean tin can and placed this in a saucepan of water to heat slowly.

To find out more about how to create your own teacup candle I would recommend looking at Inhabitat and Flat broke brides’ tutorials for some great tips and inspiration.

Materials needed:

• Teacup(s) – I got mine at a charity shop for £2!
• Candles (used or make from scratch)
• Double boiler (or saucepan with tin can)


  • You can weigh the tin can down with the saucepan’s lid to avoid having to stand there holding the can in the saucepan. I also used chopsticks to stir the wax around in the tin.
  • Gluing your wick to the teacup will help to keep it in place. I also used two skewers taped either side of the wick (balancing on the teacup rim) to hold the wick in place when pouring in the wax.
  • If you have time, pour the wax in stages. I think I did two or three poursWait for the wax to cool before pouring new melted wax on top. By doing the process in sections you have a better chance of getting a even level candle rather than a well which can form around the wick.

I love the outcome of these teacup candles. Half of the fun is simply in browsing through charity stores, car boots or flea markets looking for pretty teacups!

Go the extra mile

For a more personalised touch you could buy plain teacups and decorate them with hand painted patterns or letters. You can also play around with coloured candles that will complement the teacup as well as using scents.

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