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Pop out photo box

You don’t need many materials or skills to make this lovely personalised photo box. It makes a great gift for all ages. This was made for a friend’s 21st. The box came from one of my favourite shops JOY. You can use any box and size you like, or even make your own. I discovered this tutorial on Style me pretty. Check out full instructions here.


Measure your box to figure out what width your paper strip should be. We made sure to make the strip slightly smaller so that once folded it would fit nice and snug in the box. The length of the paper is entirely up to you. Fold it in a concertina style (measuring the length of the box first). If you have photo paper you could save money and print these at home. I used a company called Inkifi to print these adorable mini Polaroid’s. They were a perfect fit for the box.


Make sure to use either a hot glue gun or strong glue to stick the paper to the bottom of the box. You will also want to use strong glue to attach the ribbon. For the photos a glue stick will do.

Go the extra mile

  • Experiment with black and white photographs for a timeless look.
  • Instead of using a trinket box, you could buy a plain gift box and decorate it yourself.
  • For a really personalised box why not buy a laser engraved wooden box, available from companies such as ‘Not on the high street’.
  • Instagram photos would work perfectly for these square Polaroid style photos.

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