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A girl can never have too many pompom accessories, am I right? And yes, I know, I’m rather late to join this colourful craze but as this trend doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, it felt like the perfect opportunity to try out my new pompom maker. I discovered two great tutorial for making pom pom earrings. One came from Etsy, the other can be found over on Erica’s blog – Honestly WTF, and couldn’t wait to make my own. They do a pretty good job of brightening up a dull day!

All of the earring pieces were purchased on Etsy studio. If you haven’t come across this new Etsy material shop yet you are definitely missing out! It’s a crafters dream. Launched last year, Etsy studio is proving to be my go-to place to source all of my craft supplies.

Materials for DIY pom pom earrings


The best part about pompom projects is that you don’t need a fancy maker or tool to create these. If you don’t have a pompom maker you can simply cut on from cardboard (templates are easy to find online). If like me, you would like the convenience of a readymade tool you can buy these online of at any local craft shop. They are really easy to use, come in a variety of sizes.

How to:

Put two sections of pompom maker together and wrap the wool around the semi circles until both sections are fully wrapped. Next, look the two sections together. Trim length ways along the middle of the wool. Before releasing the pompom maker, make sure to wrap a bit of loose wool around the pompom & double knot to secure the wool together. Now you can release & remove the tool and you will be left with a pompom.

Step by step photos to make your own pom pom earrings

Once the pompoms are made I like to give them a pretty severe haircut! Trimming them gives the pompom a more compact look. This isn’t a necessary step, it is just down to preference.

Grab bit of thin thread that is the same colour as the pompom and wrap it fully around the ball, double knotting at the top. Take one of the gold bar connectors and tie the thread to the hoop (again double knotting for extra strength). Snip of any excess thread.

The next part can be quite fiddly so a little patience is needed (something I’m not very good at!). You will need to open up the split ring. You can use a small pair of pliers to help with this. Once you have prised open a gap in the split ring, attach the other hooped end of your gold bar and the earring stud hoop before closing the split ring back up tightly.

Repeat with the other earring and then you are done! I will pre-warn you, this craft is particularly addicted. It won’t be long until you will want to make a pair in every colour and size for you and your friends.

Pom pom earring project


  • You can easily find wool for your pompoms in a local fabric or art shop, but why not pop into charity shops first. The majority have a stash of small bundles of wool. They cost much less & the money goes to a good cause, so it’s a win-win!
  • If you don’t fancy making your own pompoms you can purchase them premade in craft shops or on Etsy.
  • When trimming down your pompoms, don’t cut away the long excess piece of wool until the very end. I found it helpful to hold onto the string whilst cutting.

Go the extra mile:

  • Don’t feel limited to just one colour for your pompoms. For those of you that fully embrace colour (of which I am envious) why not mix two or more wools together to create a multi-coloured ball.
  • If you are making these as a gift you can print a pattern or logo onto thick card and pierce the earrings through to look like a finished product you would find in a shop. It doesn’t have to be a printed design either, pretty coloured card or patterned square gift tags would also look great!

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