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Pom pom cushion

I fell in love with this simple DIY cushion straight away when I came across the tutorial on Molly’s gorgeous blog: Almost makes perfect.  It is so simple and affordable to make and will fool anyone into thinking that you paid good money for it from a high end homeware shop!


  • Cushion inner pad
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric (cotton or linen)
  • White thread
  • Scissors
  • Pom poms
  • Fabric glue or equivalent
  • Stencil or fabric pen

As I am still learning how to sew I thought this would be a good opportunity to make the cushion cover for practice. I decided to make an envelope cushion cover for this project. They are super easy to make (trust me if I managed it anyone can) and allows you to make professional cushion cover without the hassle of zips. There are lots of helpful tutorials and YouTube videos explaining how to make an envelope cover so find one that works for you. I already had a cushion at home that I have been meaning to recover for ages so I reused the cushion inner pad.

Now on to the fun part… the pom poms! Like Molly, I decided to stick with small pom poms that were only 25mm in size. You can find these in art shops or online. I don’t have any fabric glue at home but I have a glue gun which worked perfectly for this project. If you have other types of glue I would always recommend trying them out on a scrap of the material beforehand to make sure the pom poms stick. For about twenty minutes I got bogged down with worrying about the placement of the pom poms, wanting to make sure each diamond shape lined up perfectly. There’s really no need though. Create a stencil out of some old cardboard and just go for it. It is easier to just use the stencil for the first line of pom poms and then judge it by eye. If you go slightly wonky, don’t give up. The overall effect will still look great and you really won’t notice any mistakes!


  • After each diamond shape is done press your palm onto the pom poms to make sure they have stuck to the fabric well.
  • If, like me, you decide to use a hot glue gun remember that it will be stringy and somewhat fiddly. Don’t panic about the stringy glue all over the cushion. Just keep sticking, you will be able to easily snap away the residue later when dry.
  • When you are finished, make sure the glue is completely dry and the pompoms are stuck down well before inserting you cushion.

Go the extra mile:

  • Why not try a different pattern for your cushion. Play around with shapes and lines to see if there are any other patterns that would work well for the cushion.
  • Although I am definitely a monochrome kind of girl, why not try a different colour. Pom poms come in all colours. I would suggest buying the pompoms first then find a matching fabric colour. I reckon a pastel pink or duck egg colour would look just as great as the white!

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