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Pineapple giftwrap

Seeing as my obsession with pineapples doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, it seemed only fitting to use pineapples in a DIY. The inspiration for this gift wrap came from I SPY DIY’s Pineapple cushion tutorial. Have a read of their post to find step-by step instructions on creating your very own stamp. I used the same method to make the pineapple stamp but instead of stamping a cushion cover I made wrapping paper.

There are so many products you can personalise with your own stamp such as stationary, fabric, prints and cushions. They are easy to make and you can pretty much carve anything you want. I’m hoping to spend some time soon experimenting with lino cutting further to try and create some prints to frame in my room or give as gifts. For another tutorial on stamp making check out Zena’s adorable fox stamp.

I purchased my wrapping paper from Ikea. It is actually sold as a kid’s colouring roll! You should be able to find similar plain paper in local art stores or online.


  • Lino
  • Wooden block (or cardboard) for mounting your lino to
  • Glue (for sticking lino to block)
  • Lino cutting tools
  • Plain wrapping paper


  • I used cheap ink pads however I would suggest using proper ink or paint as this will give a much more even and bolder finish. My stamp was also slightly too big to fit on my ink pad so multiple presses were needed. The size of your stamp might be worth considering to avoid this issue.
  • If you haven’t tried out lino cutting before, buy a second piece so you can test out different lines and get to grips with it. I bought my lino online from somewhere generic like Amazon but I would recommend looking for a art or print making shop for better quality lino. Intaglio Printmakers are based in London and sell all the tools you could possibly need for lino cutting. I recently ordered some lino and inks from them and hoping to try it out soon.
  • If you don’t want to spend too much money on lino cutting materials, buy a cheaper lino tool set to start off with. Mine was bought on amazon. It will not be as good to carve with but if you are making a simple stamp this shouldn’t matter. If, later on, you decide you want to make more lino cut prints you can invest in decent tools.
  • Use tracing paper to draw your illustration before transferring onto the lino.

Go the extra mile

  • Experiment with colours. Traditionally black is used for lino cutting but there are so many bold colours to choose from.
  • You could create a set of stamps that work well together.
  • I like the idea either a floral or bird stamp to use on envelopes.

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