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Photo booth & Props


Making a photo booth for a party is a great, relatively cheap way to add something memorable to the evening. My sister recently graduated from university so we threw her a graduation party at home to celebrate. Some of the props I made myself (tips below) and others we bought online. If, like us, you love a fancy dress themed party you probably already have some fun hats and accessories lying around the house to use for the photo booth. We simply added a few extras to our collection so that there was plenty of choice. Hats, glasses & tinsel wigs make great additions. The crazier the better!

A photo booth isn’t complete without a backdrop! This was super cheap and easy to create. Simply find an open space that works for you. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm (or simply having a summer party) you could even set this up outside. The larger the area the more creative you can be for the backdrop. We simply used gold foil which hung down from a curtain rail. There are some really great ideas for backdrops on Pinterest so if you have more time to spare get inspired and have a go! I would love to try out a more elaborate backdrop such as paper flower garlands.

Materials for photo booth

  • Gold foil
  • Pegs or tape (to hang the foil)
  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Range of props (see below for tips on creating your own props)
  • A camera remote (optional)

DIY Props

I decided to make a selection of hand held props such as lips, glasses & moustaches. These are cheap to make and look great when placed in a glass bottle or jar for people to help themselves. The signs are also cheap and easy to make. Choose whatever names/phrases you like for this. Another alternative is buying a cheap chalkboard. This gives others the opportunity to write different messages throughout the night.

Materials for the face props

    • Thick card
    • Printer to print templates (I actually used coloured vinyl offcuts from my work to cover the card)
    • Scissors
    • Scalpel
    • Wooden skewers (or chopsticks)

For the signs

  • Foam board (or cardboard)
  • Thick pens
  • Optional decorative stickers

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