patterned napkins
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Patterned napkins

I am still in the early stages of learning how to sew. It can be a rather slow, hair-pulling process but I am getting there! If you have the time and money to spend out on sewing classes I would definitely look into it. I am still considering taking a few classes to help me with getting to know my machine better. However the whole process of learning a new skill by yourself can be really rewarding. It makes me happy to see a finished project in my home and know that I created that. It is a one-off.

Over the weekend I decided to make a set of fun cloth napkins. This gave me a chance to practice my mitred corners (it was a slightly hair pulling experience until I found a tutorial that worked perfectly for me! – see tips)
After being inspired by these beautiful napkins on the creative blog Enthralling Gumption I decided to follow the tutorial and create similar colourful, playful patterns on the napkins. This is a fun little project for anyone with basic sewing skills. If you do not own a sewing machine or would like a quicker, simpler project you can simply buy white cotton napkins and get painting!

What you will need:
Acrylic or fabric paint
Various paint brushes or sponges
Stencils (optional)
If you plan to make the napkin:
Plain white cotton or linen
White thread
Sewing machine
To avoid the fabric becoming to stiff from the paint you could use diluted fabric paint. I only had acrylic paint to hand so I stuck with a design which was spread out and avoided large areas of block colour.
For the triangular pattern, I created a small stencil out of cardboard and used a sponge brush to dab the paint over the stencil.
Play about with clashing colours and patterns – the crazier the better!
You can find the tutorial for sewing your perfect mitred corners over on

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