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Medal holder

My other half has been looking for a way to display his vastly growing medal collection for a while now, so I decided to make him one. This was made out of 5mm coloured perspex, however you could also use wood or aluminium for a different finish. Have a search for local printers in your area that offer a laser cutting service. It is usually cheaper to buy your own materials.

I designed my medal holder on illustrator. You can have a play around with the size, shapes and words for the holder. If you do not have the time to design your own medal holder and get it cut, there are plenty of places online which sell personalised holders. You can order on sites such as eBay or Etsy and type in the name you would like on the holder. Some services offer even more customisation such as etching names into the holder.


Make your own medal holder DIY


If you are in a rented apartment and cannot screw into the wall, you could use thick tape instead. That should still give you just enough room off the wall to slip your medals into the holder.

Go the extra mile

  • Instead of just a name or phrase (like mine) why not go further by creating a mini icon to sit alongside the name. For instance, you could have a runner or bicycle sitting on top.
  • This was made for my other half so I went for a bright blue bulky design that I knew he would like. If you are looking for a more minimalist way to showcase your medals you could use thin poles attached under a wall shelf, or behind your door.
  • Copper is still really on trend at the moment, of which I am a huge fan, so why not use copper piping to create your holder. If I had more medals of my own I would definitely use this style for my bedroom (my  measly ‘collection’ of just one medal is not worthy of a holder!).


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