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This is a fun, relatively quick DIY project for those of you who are learning to sew. I made these make up bags as last minute extra gifts for friends and family at Christmas.

The fabric came from PS fabric shop. They sell a wide range of lovely fabrics on their Etsy page. Normally I would pick fabrics from a local fabric shop however there are so many choices if you have time to go through them online. I think the tiny coloured tassels on the zip add a finishing touch to the bag!

I used two easy tutorials to make these bags: A step by step guide (with template) from Craftsy & a YouTube video from Style Novice. Both styles of bag are super quick and easy to make and the tutorials were really helpful and easy to follow. Nothing went wrong while making these bags (which is a first for me). Sewing a zipper seemed to me like a daunting task which I had avoided up until now. Turns out it really isn’t that hard.


  • Fabric (outer fabric and lining)
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Tassels for zips (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Fusible wadding (optional)


  • I used fusible wadding in between my outer fabric and liner to give the bag a bit more of a structured shape. Before using fusible wadding (heat is used to stick the wadding to the fabric), make sure to pre-soak the wadding. If buying in a pack there will be instructions on pre-soaking. If you are unsure just ask the staff at your fabric shop.
  • Make sure to buy a zipper foot for your sewing machine. They only cost a few pounds and will make life a lot easier. Most footers are universal (I opted for an adjustable one) but it is best to make sure it will fit on your machine before purchasing.

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