Embroidered make up bag
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Embroidered make up bag

After making my embroidered tote bags I decided to make small make up bags as extra gifts. These are the perfect size for carrying around your make up essentials. I’ll admit I cheated and didn’t make the bag for this project (I ran out of time completely after making so many tote bags!). If you have more time and would like to try out sewing a makeup bag there are plenty of videos and tutorials online to help you with this. Check out my makeup bag tutorial for tips.

If, like me, you want a straight forward quick project you can buy these plain cotton make up bags in Hobbycraft. I chose to stick with a few flowers on the front of the bag, with my initial sewn on the bag. To add a pop of colour I added these adorable mini suede tassels to the zips. I discovered these on Ebay. I bought metal split rings to attach the tassels to the zips (see tips below). I bought mine in C&H Fabrics but you can buy them online from sites such as EBay. Check out my embroidery tote bags blog post for more inspiration.



  • Make sure you have a small embroidery hoop so you can fit the fabric tight within the hoop.
  • Iron the bag before beginning
  • I had real trouble getting the tassels on the zip because my metal hoops that I attached to the tassels were tiny. Try and get bigger hoops to make this a lot easier. Or opt for tassels which already have a hoop/clip attachment on them so you can attach them directly to the zip.

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