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Clipboard calendar

This quick and easy DIY is a great way to fill up an empty wall or desk space. There are hundreds of beautiful free downloadable calendars on the internet. This straight forward DIY simply involves spray painting a clipboard. I would suggest doing this outside or covering a large table with newspaper to avoid any paint in the house.

–¬†Unfortunately, I cannot remember who or where I found the calendars shown in this tutorial however I would have come across them on Pinterest. If anyone knows who the free calendar templates belong to it would be great to know. I would love to credit the artist!


  • A4 Clipboard
  • Gold spray paint
  • A4 paper (to print your calendar)
  • Free calendar download of your choice


To achieve an even coverage of paint it is best to be patient and spray the board in light coverages. 2-3 light coats should do the trick.

Go the extra mile

  • Instead of using the clipboard to hold a calendar you could clip photographs, notes, artwork‚Ķanything goes! It is a great way to switch up your wall display as often as you like.
  • I have a slight obsession with spray painting items gold(!) but feel free to pick any colour you like. You could try other metallics or even experiment pastel shades.
  • What about creating a pattern on your board. You could spray paint the board with various colours by sectioning off each area with tape to create a geometric design. Stencils could be used to really personalise your board.


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