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Christmas gift wrap

I am a sucker for a beautifully wrapped present. The problem is, my wrapping skills are appalling. A child could do a better job. But last year I decided that I would make an effort with the wrapping and create my own gift wrap. Pinterest has so many wonderful ideas for this. I have a board dedicated to just gift wrap alone so if you are lacking inspiration go and take a look.

So I decided to make two different patterns for my Christmas gift wrap. The first is the floral bird pattern. Remember my DIY post about painting a patterned wall? Well the patterned roller purchased from The Painted House has so many other uses! It seemed like the perfect way to create a really unique gift wrap quickly and with little effort. I simply used white paint and rolled the patterned roller over kraft paper in long strips. Wait for it to dry then roll out another section. It won’t take long to get through the whole roll.

The second gift wrap uses a deer stamp. I discovered this tutorial on the lovely Poppytalk blog. Head over to their blog for full instructions on how to make your own deer stamp. This method definitely takes longer than the patterned roller, so have a think about how much time you have and the amount of gift wrap you want to make.

To add a finishing touch to these beautiful papers I wrapped string around the present and attached holly leaves, berries, and old Christmas decorations that had broken (gold balls). I am really happy with how these turned out and will definitely be creating more home-made gift wrap again. Hopefully in the mean time I can learn how to wrap gifts in a more presentable way (endless amounts of tape has always been my saviour up until now!)


  • Kraft paper
  • White paint
  • White ink pad (optional)
  • Lino stamp
  • Patterned roller
  • String


  • If you are in a hurry and want to speed up the drying time, so you can move onto the next batch, only use a thin layer of paint.
  • You could even use a fan or hairdryer to dry the paint quicker. The deer stamp pattern dries almost immediately if using an ink pad so you will have no problem with drying times for this approach.
  • Keep lots of kitchen roll nearby. If you are a messy crafter like me then this will be needed!
  • If you are making your gift wrap inside then make sure to put lots of newspaper down. And I mean lots. Just put it everywhere, no one wants paint stains on the floor!

You can find the tutorial and templates for these lovely 3D stars on Homey Oh My. Along with tons of other beautiful projects to try.

Go the extra mile

  • For other ideas and inspiration for gift wrapping head over to my Pinterest board.
  • Experiment with different plants, tags and other decorations to use on top of you gift wrap like the examples above.

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