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Chair cushion

I bought the fabric for this tutorial months before I actually plucked up the courage to try and tackle it! Turns out it’s not hard at all to make this chair cushion. My lack of sewing knowledge really didn’t matter and the tutorials I used were really informative. This cushion was made for the chair in my bedroom but would look great in a kitchen too. If you haven’t tried piping before, it’s really not that difficult so my advice is not to be put off! You can always buy ready-made piping and covered buttons to speed up the project.

The two tutorials I used were from The Morning Stitch & DIY Candy. Both had great tips and photos for each stage of the project making it a breeze to create. I love the outcome and will definitely be making more of these!



  • Use lots and lots of stuffing. And when you think there is enough, use more. If, like me, your cushion will get lots of use it won’t take long for the cushion to flatten out so it is best to stuff it fully to begin with.
  • I used Velcro on my cushion ties to keep the ties nice and tidy.
  • It is up to you whether or not you want to use buttons. I like the look of four buttons but you could always use just one in the middle.
  • I used a layer of wadding that I stuck down to my fabric using fabric spray glue before stuffing the cushion. This helps to give it more shape.

Go the extra mile:

Play around with the fabric used for the piping and buttons. It does not have to match the fabric. Go bold and clash you fabrics for a statement.

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